Ferel Boutique

Ferel Boutique

Since 1986, the year Ferel Boutique was established as a manufacturing and trading company in the field of women’s clothing, it has managed to stand out for the State Of Art fashion it proposes to the modern woman who wants to emphasize her personality through Casual & Elegant her suggestions. Ferel Boutique offers a unique shopping experience with youthful, comfortable, fashionable, feminine clothing and accessories with a view for every fashion-loving woman. It follows international trends with the aim of making every woman stand out!

Project Scope

Website’s creation (WordPress – WooCommerce) , making it friendlier for search engines.

Online Payments with POS (Prepaid Card, PayPal etc..)

Compatible with mobiles & tablets devices.

Connection with Social Media Platforms & Analytics using GTM.

SEO methods for potential customers using Google, Yandex, Bing.

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