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Kalypso Silver

Kalypso Silver handmade jewelries  have a minimalist approach to their creations, underlined by a simple but rather eclectic and easy-to-wear design, underscores desire to see jewelry worn to adorn the human body and not as symbols of power and social status.

Project Scope

Website’s creation (WordPress) , making it friendlier for search engines.

E-commerce plan

Online Payments with POS (Prepaid Card, PayPal etc..)

Compatible with mobiles & tablets devices.

Connection with Social Media Platforms.

Social Media Management, Promotion & Advertising.

SEO methods for potential customers using Google, Yandex, Bing.

Content & Graphic Design created with Photoshop

Project Features

Web Development (CMS)

Social Media Management

Social Media Advertisement



Photoshop for Design

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